Hey there,

I'm Luis!

A web developer and memer

Know me! 👋


Things I can show off.

Things I've built / worked on

TrackYourPenguin was a tool to manually keep track of characters connected to the now closed game Club Penguin. Built on PHP/MySQL with jQuery/Bootstrap, it allowed users to upload images, put text on them and send updates to Twitter. It has features such as multi-themes, multi-language, multi-roles and 1-click updates.



TwitAudio was a tool to send audio tweets to Twitter. It allowed users to both record their own voice notes or upload mp3 files and then share them to Twitter. Built on PHP 7.0 using Materialize, it had features such as audio effects (using SoX) and replies to audios.



Also known as 8shit.net, is a satire news website built using WordPress. I've maintained it and created plugins for it. In addition, I'm the main writer.
The Meme Finder is a tool to find memes on the Internet based on a list of selected sources. Built on React with Laravel/AWS, it supports filtering, notifications, cross-posting and more.


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